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KCPOA Covenants & Restrictions #C.3 requires the HOA to provide street lights in the community, and #C.13.C., grants the authority to the Board of Directors to use the dues money to pay for the lights.

Currently, there are 159 active street lights in KCPOA.  The monthly electric bill is approximately $2,500.00.

Please click on the button below to see SECO's chart of area lights for KCPOA which was recently updated and provided to us.  



The following information was provided by SECO:

  • ​It is the homeowners responsibility to trim around area lights if the light is on the homeowners property and if they are paying for the light
  • It is the responsibility of KCPOA to use a maintenance crew or tree trimmers to trim around the area lights that are being paid for by KCPOA
  • SECO only cuts branches and limbs if they are threatening the power lines or sources.

Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc. - SECO Energy - is a not-for-profit electric cooperative serving nearly 200,000 families and businesses across seven counties in Central Florida, including the KCPOA subdivision.  This makes SECO the third largest electric co-op in Florida and the seventh largest in the nation.  One of the most important distinctions between other types of utilities and SECO is that we are member owned.  Our members have a voice in the co-op’s decision making process.  Our members elect a nine-member Board of Trustees, who meet monthly to monitor the financial status of the Cooperative and make financial and policy decisions in the best interest of the membership.

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