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On October 6, 2009, the Marion County Board of County Commissioners voted to accept the KCPOA subdivision for routine maintenance after a MSTU with an annual assessment of $100.00 per lot to provide for long term road surfacing and critical drainage repairs.

The Marion County Transportation Department, under the auspices of Mounir Bouyouones, P.E., provided the BCC at the meeting with this description/background:

"Whispering Pines and Forest Glen Subdivisions are part of the larger Kingsland Country Estates Development.  Maintenance of the road and drainage are being provided by the Property Owners Association in accordance with the Development Agreement.  Late last year, members of Kingsland Country Estates Property Owners Association (KCPOA) requested that the County accept the maintenance responsibilities in their subdivision similar to any other public road subdivision.  The two subdivision are platted with public roads and contain 1,532 lots, 17 miles of roads and 94 acres of drainage retention areas (DRAs).

Based on the KCPOA request, the B.C.C. directed the Transportation Department to examine the condition of the roads and drainage system within the subject subdivisions and provide the recommendations regarding future maintenance.

Over the last several months, the Transportation Department conducted an evaluation of the road and drainage networks to develop an assessment of the long term and short term needs for repair and/or maintenance.  For pavement, consideration was given for normal wear expected of each area by recogninzing typical lifecycles and the current condition.  Also, this investatigation was conducted in a manner where the roads and lot information were examined independently from stormwater features.

The summary and details of this evaluation are presented in the attached staff report for your review.  Based on this evaluation, the estimated cost per lot for long term roads and drainage maintenance is approximately $100.00 annually."